Ziua I

ZIUA I: Introducere în programa cursului. Prezentarea tuturor participanţilor la curs. Definiţii şi conceptele iniţiale legate de e-learning. Face2Face versus Învăţarea On-line. Resursele informaţionale de învăţământ, iniţierea în utilizarea LCMS (Learning Content Management System).

DAY ONE: Introduction of the course syllabus. Presentation of all the course attendees. Initial definitions and concepts related to e-learning. Face2Face vs Online learning. Informational educational resources, initial hands on use of a LCMS (Learning Content Management System)

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Hello to all my eTwinning friends! My name is Mariana RADULESCU. I'm a Maths teacher in a primary and generally school named “Liviu Rebreanu” from a beautiful town called MIOVENI, in Arges county, ROMANIA (“the car town”). My students, aged 10 – 14 years, are eager to learn something new about ICT tools for to use them in their blogs. My activity in eTwinning started in October 2007. My first project was “Let’s get to know ourselves and our cities” where I was invited by my friend from Athens, Katerina Fyssaki. This project was awarded with National Quality Label and European Quality Label. Some students of my team built the blog sharing our activities. I want to thank to eTwinning team for this opportunity to learn about the new technology, to share a lot of information with people from all Europe about educational system, traditions, culture, customs, etc. In April 2009, I had the chance to participate to workshop in Bratislava, where I met a lot of my eTwinning partners and in February 2010, I participated to Comenius Training Course in Hamrun, MALTA. It was GREAT! I think that the communication is extremely important! HUGS, MARIANA